Yated Article

Yated Article

As we experience this special time of year having gone through the Yemai Hadin and now heading towards the Zeman Simchaseinu, the special feeling of Aliya we have during this time fills us with a warm glow. The feeling of closeness to Hashem and sense of purity with a clean slate is exhilarating.  We head into the new year with the trust that Hashem has granted us a spot in the ספר החיים. These feelings continue through the Yom tov of Sukkos until it reaches the climax on Simchas Torah; the feelings of devaikus and Ahavas HaTorah are tangible; we all search for a way to hold onto it, to keep the connection to the Torah a whole year.

When looking at a map the little dot that marks Lakewood is visible to few, but in the Oilam HaTorah the name brings with it a reverence unmatched in the United States. Lakewood has earned itself a name as the Ir HaTorah, and is the largest concentration of Bnai Torah in America. Lakewood is not merely a typical city; Lakewood is a world headquarters of Torah, with ambassadors sent from all over to represent the members of their respective cities, in the King’s royal chamber. Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York, Europe, Eretz Yisroel and many other countries as far as Australia. These are the parents and extended family of Lakewood bnai Torah.

Two and a half years ago, tragedy struck deep in the heart of the Lakewood community, with the untimely petira of one of yeshiva’s most chashuve Yungerleit, R’ Shlomo Zalmen Rosengarten Z”l and Hayeled Eliyahu Eliezer Raitzik a”h, in one day. This double heartbreak gave way to an awakening of the true feeling of love caring the benai Torah all have towards each other. Thus as a zechus for these two special neshamos, Kupas Yom Tov was born, to bring a nechama to their families and the community.

Kupas Yom Tov was created with the goal of significantly easing the financial burden that many Lakewood yungerleit face when covering the necessities for Yom Tov. These yungerleit are Klal Yisroel’s pride, choosing to live simply and make do with less, with the singular goal of growing in Torah. Their neshei chayil may work long hours so their husbands can continue to uphold the world with their avoda. These special families can “make it” from month to month throughout the year, but when Yom Tov expenses pile up, they suddenly find themselves without the necessary funds.

With the establishment of Kupas Yom tov, a dual purpose is served; These Bnai Torah, the flagbearers of Klal Yisroel, now have an address to turn to, to help them feel true simchas yom tov without the crushing financial pressure. But is serves an even more important purpose, it gives Klal Yisroel at large the chance to connect, to partner and be connected to the Torah Hakedosha. Through these ambassadors, Klal Yisroel can now feel a part of the true simchas haTorah.

Now is the chance for you to take part, to partner and join with these amudei oilam. You will no longer have the feeling of an outsider. The devaikus and ahavas HaTorah of Simchas Torah can continue the entire year, for you have done your part to ensure the Kavod HaTora ve’lomdeha is held high. And as you leave the Yom Tov and go into the year, you will no longer be going in alone as the zechus of hachzakas haTorah will accompany you. Chazal say you will be zoiche to the beracha of “eitz chayim hee…vetomcheha meushar”, because after all who is really supporting who?!

Donations can be sent to Kupas Yom Tov c/o Horav Malkiel Kotler 521 5th St. Or online at www.brand-right.com/kyt or you.can call our 24 hour hotline 732-334-0050 to find out about sponsorimg a family please call 732-334-0050 ext. 5

If possible please donate $120 or whatever you can.