Rosh Chabura Asifa 3-30-16

Rosh Chaburah Asifa 3-30-16

This past week, a monumental meeting was held for all Roshei Chabura of Bais Medrash Govoha. A huge crowd convened on the call of the Roshei Yeshiva, creating a magnificent maamad in support of Kupas Yom Tov.

What is Kupas Yom Tov?

Kupas Yom Tov is a rare blend of hachzakas hatorah in of the highest form coupled with the opportunity to help our own friends and neighbors.

Kupas Yom Tov was created with the goal of significantly easing the financial burden that Lakewood yungerleit face when covering the necessities for Yom Tov. These yungerleit are our community’s pride; choosing to live simply and making do with less, with the singular goal of growing in Torah. Their neshei chayil work long hours, so their husbands can expend their energies to support the world with their Torah learning. These families “make it” month to month throughout the year, but when yom tov expenses pile up, they suddenly find themselves without the needed funds. With the establishment of Kupas Yom Tov, these chashuve bnei torah now have an address, someone to turn to, to help them feel the joy of Yom Tov without the crushing financial pressure.

Just two years ago, tragedy struck deep in the heart of the Lakewood community. On the same day, one of the yeshiva’s most chashuve yungerleit, R’ Shlomo Zalmen Rosengarten z”l, and Eli Raitzik a”h, son of R’ Shabsi Raitzik, were suddenly taken from this world. This double heartbreak gave way to an awakening of the true feeling of caring and achrayus we all have for each other. Thus, as a zchus for these two special neshamos, Kupas Yom Tov was established, bringing nechama to the families and the entire community.

Kupas Yom Tov does not want to turn anyone down…but we need your help.

In the short time since its inception, Kupas Yom Tov has seen tremendous siyata dishmaya.

Together we have raised close to a million dollars and helped over 1000 families of our own yungerleit.

But as the yeshiva community expands exponentially, the number of families needing assistance has skyrocketed. In addition, as families already receiving help b”h continue to grow, their expenses increase as well. Kupas Yom Tov does not want to turn anyone down. We are working intensely to achieve our founding premise, but we need your help.

To illustrate the significance of this cause, this story bears repeating: Rav Meir Shapiro once approached a wealthy man in an effort to raise funds for Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin Instead of readily contributing, the gvir challenged him, asking,

“Doesn’t the mishna say

פת במלח תאכל? כך היא דרכה של תורה

Rav Meir answered, “You interpreted the mishnah wrong! The mishna is asking a rhetorical question:

פת במלח תאכל?! כך היא דרכה של תורה

Can it be that the lomdei Torah don’t have what to eat, that they must struggle financially?!”

Let us seize the opportunity to show our support, to pay tribute to these silent heroes, who spend their days and nights delving into the yam hatorah and may we be zoche to

עץ חיים היאותומכיה מאושר